SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents

Saturday, December 8th

5 to 11PM

Join SMASH Modern Art and Design and Kitsilano Kitty's closet as they support animal rescue by bringing together local artists and rescue volunteers for Animalicious Night of Art & Animals!

Door is $15 ($5 to the BC animal rescue of your choice, $5 to the Friends of Animals NF, $5 promotions, beverages and snacks) , and includes a free doggie jacket and complimentary beverage. There will also be a pet food donation box at the entry for your generosity.

SMASH has pulled together some on Vancouver's coolest cats to create one-of-a-kind goochie poochie dog jackets that will be auctioned off to the highest bidder! Handpainted/decorated Goochie Poochie doggie jackets by Artists like 12 Midnite, RotNHell, Pilar Alvarez, Iris Nowa, Jay Hanscom, Kathleen McGiveron, Nicole Steen, Tobi Grand, Brigitta Kocsis, Elizabeth Fisher, Megz Majewski, Andrea Tucker, Brian Sleeman and more. All the proceeds from this wicked selection goes to charity!

SMASH  loves it's critters so, 10% of all art sales will be donated to the charity of your choice!

SMASH pal  DJ Spooky will be spinning tunes,  we've got raffle prizes, Gift Baskets and a decorate it yourself Project Doggie Jacket art station! Let the holidays begin!

Raffle Prizes and Gift Certificates donated by Establishment Lounge, BaruLatin0 Restaurant, Nature’s Path Organic, Textura Salon in Kitsilano, The, Jeff Turner Entertainment Group, Tonic Records, Kitsilano Kittys Closet and Noelle’s Pet Love.

ANIMALICIOUS Art & Animals Xtravaganza Nite 

Saturday, December 8th, 2012 @ SMASH Modern Art and Design

 580 Clark Drive, Doors from 5pm to 11pm. 

Tix: $15 in advance and at the door


Tuesday, December 11th

6 to 10PM

the large print edition of of the world smallest book*


Tuesday, December 11th from 6 to 10PM

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art is tickled to welcome 

ROBERT CHAPLiN  into the gallery as we proudly help him to launch his latest book...

Witness the miracle of creation ! This Christmas! Feast your eyes and celebrate, TEENY TED FROM TURNiP TOWN

arrives into the big sized world !

Now available, the worlds smallest book in large print, dispense with the scanning electron microscope and save 1.5 million dollars !

If you don't know Robert Chaplin personally, there's a good chance you've heard of him over the last few months. Chaplin is the creative mastermind behind the Guinness Book of Records World's Smallest book, TEENY TED FROM TURNIP TOWN and a few months ago he took to Kickstarter to make his dream of creating a large print edition of the world’s smallest book. worked and now, just in time for Christmas, "TEENY TED FROM TURNiP TOWN" is OUT and we are gonna Party!

Originally carved into a microchip and requiring  Simon Fraser University’s scanning electrograph microscope to read it, “TEENY TED” was
truly once so teeny-tiny, the entire book was no bigger than a strand of the hair on your head.

Creative? YES. Practical. No F’ing way.

After Rob's wildly successful kickstater campaign to rise the dough to make The Guinness Book of World records smallest book into a large print edition.

Please join us on Tuesday, December 11th from 6-10PM for the launch of  


@SMASH Gallery of Modern Art. 

Robert Chaplin will be at the Gallery to sign his latest book, along with the others from his collection including DELiCiOUS CHiCKEN SOUP, TeN CoUNTiNG CaT, The elephant Book and BRUSSELS SPROUTS & UNiCORNS. 

 *Guinness book of World Records world's smallest printed book


He later worked as a muralist with the Arts in Action society touring Mexico twice and was also part of a five country tour of Africa that was documented in David Pettigrews film 'African Brushstrokes'.

He is cofounder of the performance company Butoh-a-GO-GO with Kevin Bergsma, and we welcomed back for a third time this June to Perform in Moscow and St Petersburg at the invitation of the Moscow Ballet. In 2008 they received a production residency from the Banff Centre and then premiered at the Vancouver International Dance Festival


APRIL 28th @ 2PM & MAY 4th @ 8PM

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents

Two public talks by ART PERRY

1.A gallery talk about his SMASH exhibition:

HIP! portraits of cool...

    forty years of counterculture icons

Saturday April 28 at 2:00 pm

           2.An illustrated talk …with a gazillion project images:

    the hip aesthetic: beats, beatniks, hipsters & authentic cool

Friday May 4 at 8 pm

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art

580 Clark Drive

Vancouver V5L 3H7

604 251 3262

Art Perry is exhibiting his photographs

“HIP! portraits of cool”

at SMASH from April 27 until May 18. The show includes Perry’s portraits of Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Nick Cave, Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Strummer, Antony, Devendra Banhart, Lou Reed, Louise Bourgeois and Laurie Anderson … and more.

Art Perry is an associate professor at Emily Carr University where he teaches about the Beats and about celebrating those sacred visionary poets … holy Whitman holy Ginsberg holy Kerouac holy Dylan.

Have you ever noticed in bookstores that certain books are always kept behind the cashier? Books like Naked Lunch, Howl and other poems, On the Road and often the works of Arthur Rimbaud and William Blake. Why? Because they’re always being stolen, that’s why. Again … why? Well, because these books are eternally hip. And we all know it’s hip to pinch things now and again (petty criminals of the world unite!) and it’s even better if what you pinch is in fact hip to begin with. Ergo stereo hippitude. Dig it.

Both Art Perry’s SMASH talks are on the hip aesthetic and what makes bona fide cool, as opposed to pastiche poseurs. (Oh, you know who you are.) In the 1950s to be Beat was not about wearing a beret, growing a goatee and casually interrupting a Cold War ode with a bongo: that was a beatnik, not Beat … a hipster, not hip … a poser, not a poet.

Using new music (rock ‘n’ roll or jazz) and fueled by drugs, fast cars, alcohol, espresso and libido sciendi (forbidden knowledge) the disciples of modern hip – from Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth to Keith Richards (yes, they’re both in the SMASH exhibit) – have shaken the fat of the bourgeoisie by being authentically cool.

Holy! Holy! Holy!     

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents




“The Artist as Social Critic:

Saturday July 14th @2PM

“Walls” Maurice Spira, 2008 Acrylic on paper 44 x 90

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents

A public talk by political surrealist MAURICE SPIRA

“The Artist as Social Critic” Politics, history, sociology and art.

Saturday July 14 at 2:00 pm

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art

580 Clark Drive

Vancouver V5L 3H7

604 251 3262

Maurice Spira was born in Kent, England in 1944. After four years of quite traditional studies at a provincial art school, and a stint in advertising in London, he left in 1966 for the "new world."

In the ensuing years 1966-67, the psychoactively enriched counter-cultural milieu in Montréal transformed him utterly. Then, after traveling and painting in Mexico during the mid-seventies, he settled in Vancouver.

This period, 1977-82 was a fertile one. A number of thematic avenues were explored. Painting and block printing became established as his preferred mediums.

By the early 80's, requiring a breath of fresh air, Spira vacated the metropolis for a somewhat more rural existence on the Sunshine Coast. More than two decades later, he continues to paint and print in his Roberts Creek studio, while still finding time to grow excellent red cabbages and spuds.

Internationally recognized political painter and printmaker Maurice Spira joins SMASH Gallery of Modern art to display some of his political print work for the show:

Political Art and the Politics of Art”

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents

Thomas Anfield

Saturday September 29th @2PM

Live BUTOH PAINTING performance

“Prickles and Goo”

Live Butoh painting performance.

Saturday September 29th at 2PM@ SMASH Modern Art

On the heels of his trip to Moscow and St.Petersburg, Thomas Anfiled will present a special live Butoh/Painting performance at SMASH Gallery of Modern Art in celebration of his most recent collection of paintings.

As a Visual Artist Thomas Anfield has been part of numerous international solo and group
exhibitions in Canada, Mexico, United States and Africa including the National Gallery of Senegal. He has exhibited in both commercial and artist run centres including Open space in Victoria and the Grunt In Vancouver.

His work has been featured in Modern Painters, Elle, Macleans, Vancouver Magazine and Preview Magazine. In the early eighties he rose to national prominence as graffiti artist Pablo Fiasco before being awarded full scholarship to the New York Academy of Arts.

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents

Saturday November 3rd @2PM

Please join us Saturday afternoon, November 3rd at 2pm,  when Julie Oakes will be at SMASH Gallery to read from her her new novel, HOOKS.

Books will be available for purchase at the gallery.

When Georgia accepts the assignment to research prostitution in India, she enters blithely, confident of her ability to remain objective in the face of the difficult subject matter. Provided with an Indian guide, Karma, Georgia feels that she is in control of her well-being and safety. But India, being India, soon overwhelms her preconceptions as Karma's first attempt to facilitate her assignment is to arrange for her to witness an encounter between a prostitute and a john.

Told in two voices, Georgia's and Karma's, Hooks grapples with the discrepancies between a Western and an Eastern take on prostitution in a country where tradition, modernity, and necessity cast disturbing slants on the truth.

A morality tale told from vastly different personal circumstances and orientations, Hooks draws in the uninitiated Georgia, as she in turn helps the grieving Karma to realize a route away from his spoiled hopes.

Julie Oakes has a master's degree from New York University in art professions and a master's degree in social and political science from the New School for Social Research in New York City. She is a renowned visual artist and is currently a writer for the art magazine Vie des Arts. Julie lives in the Okanagan Valley.

As part of Maria Tratt's solo show  "echo" on at the gallery through April 20th, Maria will be presenting an artist talk and print making workshop on Saturday, April 13th, from 4-6PM.

This is a fabulous opportunity to learn more about the print medium, and get a chance to create a relief print, print your image and create a piece of artwork for you to take home.

This event is FREE to attend, and open to all ages, however, we ask that you RSVP for this event.

This event is FREE to attend and open to all ages, however, we ask that you RSVP to attend.

CLICK HERE to RSVP or call the gallery at 604.251.3262

This new body of work is an investigation into the mutability of memory and how memory is often an assemblage of more than just a single moment.  

This body of work is a departure from Maria's print practice, and takes her oil painting to a new level. Using  photographs of her childhood in Denmark and the Laurentian mountains of Quebec as an starting point, Maria takes these images to the canvas through  the veil of remembered experience, a reverberation of space and time, resulting in an etherial, graceful and bewitching show.


SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents

SATURDAY, April 13th 4PM to 6PM

Artist Talk and Printmaking  workshop


by appointment only

contact us: 604.353.4064