March 2012

Since its first inception in 1990 SMASH Gallery of Modern Art was a modern interpretation of an age old idea: to bring art out of the dusty confines of academia and instead, to present art to the masses in an interesting and accessible way.


SMASH Modern Art and Design and SMASH Gallery of Modern Art

The re-imagining of a Vancouver art scene icon...

SMASH is a place where artist and their public can meet on common ground, without the trappings of government funding or the smoke and mirrors environments of traditional commercial galleries.

At SMASH, we are free to show what we  like, to push the boundaries of traditional fine art and expand the minds of art collectors, collaborators and appreciators alike. The Gallery is owned and operated by Jen Abrams and 12 Midnite.

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art represents established artists like; 12 Midnite, Art Perry, Thomas Anfield, and NORR, along with emerging talents like’ Kellie Talbot, Maria Tratt, Stephanie Prins, Iris Nowa, Stephen lee Scott, Jay Hanscom, Kathleen McGiveron and others.

See our full galleries of available work here