SMASH Modern Art and Design presents:

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art Group Show










Revolution, by definition is to go around. What goes around comes around as they say. You say you want a revolution? Why revolve when you can evolve.

From a renovated east-side warehouse space, SMASH Gallery of Modern Art re-emerges with the gallery group show (r)Evolution #9.  Like the Beatles’ White Album, Elvis’ 1968 comeback special or Captain America emerging from a 20 year deep freeze SMASH Modern Art and Design reemerges from the background to position itself at the head of the pack of Vancouver’s underground art scene.

On May 25th, SMASH throws it’s doors open again, this time to showcase the work of the 9 member artists of the SMASH family. If the first two shows at SMASH are any indication, SMASH is running on all 8 cylinders and shifting into high gear.

(r)EVOLUTION #9 brings together the talents of nine artists, each leaders in their artistic mediums.

On the heels of the success of SMASH Modern Art’s christening show “The Future of the Past” expect to see a spectacle of political pop, colour and light that only

12 Midnite can bring.

Art Perry is back following his wildly successful show “Hip! Portraits of Cool” with startling, never before exhibited images of the Tibetans.

The Uber-talented painter Thomas Anfield hangs an exquisite display of figures and form showcasing his immeasurable talent and versatility.

Montreal painter Iris Nowa illuminates with her unique blend of traditional painting work and avant-garde digital imagery.

Maria Tratt’s work explores the relationship between nature and progress through traditional printmaking and oil painting.

Painter NORR lived a life in the realm of art, a sentiment that is reflected in a lifetime of work.

Furniture maker Stephanie Prins stuns with her re-claimed wood furniture pieces, each one a cleaver work of art.

Seattle painter Kellie Talbot combines skill and whimsy to question the relationship between nature and progress

glass artist Jeff Burnette brings us a new collection of his one of a kind, handcrafted RayGunz.