SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents

Traditional printmaking techniques fall into four categories: relief printing where the image is created by carving from a flat plane those areas which will not be part of the image, and applying ink to the raised area (e.g., woodblock); intaglio, where the image is created by removing surface and forcing ink into the negative spaces (e.g., etching); stenciling where the negative image is affixed to a fine mesh screen and ink then force through the screen (screenprinting or serigraphy); and planographic printing where the image and negative area are both on the same plane (e.g., lithography).

SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents an outstanding collection of traditional printmaking from July 13th to August 17th. From bold POP silkscreens by visionaries like ManWoman and 12 Midnite to traditional linocuts from masters like Richard Tetrault and Maurice Spira, and everything in between, this print show focuses on the nearly lost art of traditional printmaking. In the age of computer graphic design, SMASH Gallery of Modern art invites you to take a step back in time to honour the old guard and the new generation who embrace the workmanship of relief, intaglio, stenciling and planographic printing.


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