SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents

OPENING FRIDAY November 2nd @8PM

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SMASH Gallery of Modern Art welcomes Julie Oakes to the gallery with her show “Awestruck”, November 2nd to December 30th, 2012.

Julie Oakes’ career, spanning over 30 years and 4 continents has been steeped in both compliment and controversy. Through her works from the self explanatory ‘Getting to Know him in the Biblical Sense’ (SMASH Gallery 1992) to ‘The Canadian Gift Proposal’ a series of paintings that addressed 9/11 and the aftermath, (an event she experienced from a mere 10 blocks away), she has been an original gypsy. Her path has crossed continents, crossed disciplines and crossed the line. More than once.

Julie Oakes latest works in  Awestruck, opening at SMASH on November 2nd are more of an exploration, rather than an elucidation of her surroundings, a reaction to her current life in BC’s Okanagan. Controversy has been set aside as wonder takes over.

Using familiar flora and fauna, from barnyard to the more exotic as both subject and palette, with Awestruck, Oakes lends her hand to the manipulation of creation itself, placing the artist in the position of not only creator, but Creator in the grand scale.

Jumping disciplines like a New York commuter switches trains, Awestruck blends painting and sculpture into a coherent examination of theology, nature and the human experience, leaving the viewer…awestruck!

More about “Awestruck” here....(PDF)