Kellie Talbot was born in Hawaii and as a daughter of a career Marine lived on both coasts growing up.

Her first jobs, in a print shop and as a sign painter, developed her love of typography and design.

Kellie moved to Seattle in 1989 and  finished school at Seattle Central Community College. After graduation, she worked as the graphic designer for Cornish College of the Arts. Since 1993 Kellie has worked extensively as an illustrator and designer for the snowboard industry in addition to being the Art Director for Signal Snowboards since its inception in 2003.

She lives in Ballard, Washington with her husband, a cat and a duck.

“My work revolves around the landscape of American artifacts and craftsmanship. Signs and typography,

architecture, cemeteries and other emblems of society are the inspiration for my oil paintings. The rust and

decay in my work aren’t negatives. They are both and elegy and a hope. They are like lines on a face earned with time and commitment.

It was through my first job as a sign painter that I fell in love with the craftsmanship of typography.

From that grew a great appreciation for the craftsmanship of manufacturing and in turn, a reverence for the creation and rituals of modern society.”

Kellie Talbot’s first solo show at SMASH takes place in February 2013.


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