Kathleen McGiveron's work uses traditional ceramic figurines to present her reflections on popular culture, politics and partying. Kathleen graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2011 and  recently completed her teaching degree at Simon Fraser University. Kathleen's work has been in a number of shows in Vancouver and Langley and her first solo show will take place in 2013 at the Gallery of BC Ceramics.

“The sculptures I create are inspired by the figurine. By using the body of figurines the sculptures appear traditional, but at second glance it is revealed that these scaled-up figurines have had their decals or possessions stripped and replaced with unconventional, popular logo patterning through method of decal, or with hand built, pop icons.

I am interested in the way pop icons and imagery can replace traditional images used as surface decoration on ceramic ware. Historically, culture has been preserved on the surface of ceramics; it is my aim to document as well as create a dialogue about our contemporary culture on the surfaces of my sculptures. In a way, my works are almost an anti-monument- the viewer is able to relate to the piece and recognize that what is occurring in my sculptures is connected to what is happening today. They are about what the peoples are interested in. I specifically document that which is most popular at the moment; as time passes and fads go out of style and our culture’s interests change, my sculptures change as well.”

Kathleen McGiveron joined SMASH Gallery of Modern Art in August 2012 as part of SMASH’s emerging artists show “4 Artists who don’t know you either”.  Read about the show here.


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