Born in Burnaby, British Columbia in 1974, my adolescence was spent growing up in the suburbs of Coquitlam. Much of my childhood was spent building forts in the nearby woods, catching frogs and tadpoles up at the local ponds, or hanging out in my fathers' workshop. During these years , my exposure to contemporary art was obsolete to say the least; however my love for modern/contemporary work was born when I started to attend art school. I spent 2 years at Langara College where I focused my attention on etching and welded steel sculpture. In 1998 I finished my studies at Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design where I majored in sculpture and drawing. Since my graduation from Emily Carr, much of my time has been spent working in western Canada and traveling. During this time my art making practice has been removed from sculpture based work to primarily mixed media drawings on paper and board as well as large scale resin based paintings on wood box frames.

I am a drawer. I use traditional drawings mediums; pencil, colored pencils and oilbars in drawings on paper and wood. In conjunction with elements of collage and the use of industrial materials, such as epoxy resin and autobody pin-striping.

I produce work that has a very strong connection to history and in particular a mass marketed and romanticized history. Both pop culture and art historical contexts infiltrate my work. my creative explorations are strongly influenced by passions for, and broad interests in, music and film; much inspirations stems from a weakness for childhood space adventure, classic westerns and film noir. My aim is to interweave these naive influences of masculinity and heroism together with frustrations of a contemporary working class existence.

Further inspiration originates from travel to visually stimulating parts of the world including vast deserts of Northern Chile and the southern United States, the Amazon jungle, and the colourful culture of Havana, Cuba. From an art historical perspective, my work is influenced by great admiration for artists such as Jean Michel Basquiat, Philip Guston, Cy Twombly, Neo Rausch and Claes Oldenburg. Jay Hanscom joined SMASH Gallery of Modern Art in August 2012 as part of SMASH’s emerging artists show “4 Artists who don’t know you either”.  Read about the show here.


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