Art Perry is not only one of Canada’s best-kept underground secrets; he’s also a bona-fide bohemian guru. For forty years Perry’s life has engaged, befriended, supported, taught and documented the often-marginal cultural figures he admires.

Best known for his Penguin Putnam publication THE TIBETANS: photographs – the result of five years travel throughout Himalayan Buddhist and nomadic communities – Perry has paralleled this photographing and writing about oppressed world communities with his ongoing religious belief in and valuing of the holiness within outsider culture… culture that goes counter to the mainstream.

An associate professor in cultural studies at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Art Perry teaches the marriage of art and life. In his lectures on the Beat Generation he continues to practice what he preaches: art, poetry, music come from the extremes of living. As a result Perry’s silver print portraits of counterculture icons carry an empathy and deep passionate commitment to creative bohemian outlaws. Art Perry’s solo show “Hip! Portraits of Cool” opened in April, 2012 and “Art Perry: Facing Ireland” opens October 2013.


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