SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents


SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents:

"4 Artists who don't know you either"

Killer works by 4 of BC's hottest young artists...


SMASH Gallery Of Modern Art  has built a reputation on showing the work of established artists who have proven their mettle over the years by creating ground-breaking art against all odds without losing their sense of humor or the love of art making.

On August 24th,  SMASH presents 4 new artists who we feel embody the SMASH ethic:

Stephen Lee Scott, from Kelowna, is not just an visual artist, but a storyteller. His drawings are rich layers of skill and technique used to tell the story of our time, a keen observation on the future the current path of politics and war are taking us. Stephen received his BFA in Visual Arts from UBC Okanagan in 2011. Since graduating, his work has been exhibited in the Okanagan at the Vernon Public Art Gallery and Headbones Gallery.

Kathleen McGiveron's work uses traditional ceramic figurines  to present her reflections on popular culture, politics and partying. Kathleen graduated  from Emily Carr University  of Art and Design in 2011 and  recently completed her teaching degree at Simon Fraser University. Kathleen's work has been in a number of shows in  in Vancouver and Langley and her  first solo show will take place in 2013 at the Gallery of  BC Ceramics.

Jay Hanscom is also a graduate of  ECUAD. Jay produces work with a strong connection to a rebellious and romanticized history influenced by childhood space adventure movies, classic westerns, hot-rod culture, graffiti and music. Pop Culture and Historical reference run through his resin coated paintings. Jay Hansom's work been seen at various shows on the Island and in Vancouver at the Evergreen Cultural Centre, he currently lives and works in Victoria.

 Nicholas Goebel, a 2012 ECUAD grad, uses his hand-pulled silkscreens to explore the ever changing relationship between nature vs. technology, man vs. beast. Nick was chosen as one of the artists featured in the ECUAD/Translink "Art on Transit" project. Nick lives and works in  Vancouver.


Each of these young punks work in traditional mediums with with a POP art edge. 

Painting, sculpture, drawing and printmaking. 

These 4  share a common love of pop culture with a youthful irony and a mastery of their mediums.

Like Smash itself, they straddle the yellow line in the potholed highway between high and lowbrow art, without feeling the need to choose a side.

You may never have heard of them, but now you have.


Show opens August 24th @8PM and runs until Sept.21st