SMASH Gallery of Modern Art presents


The 3 Ring Conspiracy is the roadside attraction on the road to ruin: a collection of circus banners, oddities and inventions that explore popular themes in our suspicious society.

Presented in Midnite’s trademark lowbrow style, he poses questions like:

Is Big Pharma creating a PHARMADEDDON of medical Malthusianism?


Is Monsanto, the company responsible for DDT, 24-d and PCBs and now supposedly feeding   the world with their GMO FRANKENSEEDS using food as weapon of war?

Are vaccines being used for population reduction?

As in any self-respecting sideshow, there is a sprinkling of oddities like the mutated monster fish, a mummified reptile/rodent, some relics of forbidden archeology and an actual working model of a time travel helmet based on Tesla technology that uses Einstein’s theories of torsion fields to explore Steven Hawkins concepts of Quantum dynamics through Graham Hancock’s studies of shamanic entanglement.

The velvet gallery showcases Midnite’s mastery of revealing hidden meanings in common objects with a keen sense of the absurd by reworking the ubiquitous Mexican velvet painting into masterful vignettes from his nitemare world.

All told the 3 Ring Conspiracy is a magnum opus of sight and sound designed to bring important topics into the conversation in an approachable way. Midnite has long espoused his opinion that art should have both a message and humour and that there is always more to the story than THEY are telling you.

As the bumper sticker says: if you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying attention.

12 Midnite, arguably Canada’s best-known pop artist brings his unique artistic and political outlook to smash in April for the 3 Ring Conspiracy, a circus sideshow from the apocalyptic end times.

Iconic painter, street artist, musician and social critic, 12 Midnite is one of only a handful of Canadian artists who can claim household name status, though known of late mostly for loud black hot rods and flashing neon, his lasting impact may well be the political graffiti that inspired a generation.

With the supposed collapse of the USSR and the end of the cold war, Midnite, prone to keeping a wary eye on his American cousins, has often mused about who the new enemy would be. He never dreamed it would turn out to be ourselves.

His journey of investigation into the maddening depths of 21st century conspiracy culture began with the book “Them” by Jon Ronson, which laid out many of the key memes that have worked their way into the social consciousness, like Waco, Ruby Ridge and the New World Order. “Them” Introduced a cast of shadowy devils like the Bilderbergers, of which our own local puppet master Jimmy Pattison is a member, Bohemian Grove and mysterious “others” whose public face is the heavy handed government thugs whose soul purpose is to remove human freedoms. Of course, every good Goliath needs a David and here we meet with Alex Jones and David Icke, who have since rocketed to conspiranoid superstar status.

With the passing of time this society of paranoia has blossomed into a culture of fear. The mainstream has caught up with the conspiracy theorists. Secret societies, carrying out hidden agendas and unseen forces of evil, be it in corporate, secular or government guise are grist for the prime time TV mill, while the internet and talk radio fuel the fire.

In a media world of Survivor, American Idol and Dancing with the stars, there can only be one winner. Any failed attempt makes the individual truly the biggest loser. Sage poet Homer Simpson stated it best: “Trying is the first step towards failure”.

This “US and THEM” mentality creates doomsday preppers, religious zealots and apparently cospiranoid pop artists trying to get at the truth.

Conspiracy theory has become America’s national pastime, with a mind-numbing 70 percent of Americans claiming belief in a second coming of Jesus and congress enjoying a 9 percent approval rating. Like any good Canadian, Midnite long looked at America with bemused apprehension as culture naturally crosses imaginary borders, even if, unlike us our neighbors aren’t ruled by a demonic family of blood-sucking, shape-shifting pedophile reptiles.

Or are they?